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It was my honor to be Speaker on the Workshop organized by Sustainable Entrepreneurship Fellowship (SEF) with the various topics, primarily underpin around sustainable business, including:

  • A holistic understanding of CSR, CSV & ESG - the history and evolution view

  • How can organizations carve their own path?

  • The learning case for SMEs.

Now you can download the slide and listen to the workshop here.


CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

CSV - Creating Shared Value

ESG - Environmental, Social & Governance

CSR, CSV & ESG Topics - SEF Workshop - Speaker Ha Hoa
Download • 9.33MB

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Thắng Nguyễn Chí
Thắng Nguyễn Chí
01 ago 2022

Wonderful presentation! - Thang Nguyen Chi, from SEF with love <3

Me gusta



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