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New Year’s Resolution? Make it Green

In the light of celebrating a merry Christmas and a cherished New Year, why don’t we go a little bit greener?

This year why not pledge to make a few simple lifestyle changes that could have a huge impact on the earth?

It’s a great time to start now.


  • Don't start with everything. Start with one (even better some)

  • Stick with it for the whole year. Don't make excuses.

By this time next year, you will be able to give yourself a pat.

Buy locally

Buy seasonal, locally farmed food. Not only be fresher and tastier food that hasn't traveled a great distance to get to your plate also significantly reduces global warming emissions.

Buy Used

Think about buying used products rather than brand-new ones. Thanks to the increasing used goods industry, you can now buy almost everything you desire from secondhand shops or online. And consider buying items created from recycled and post-consumer material if you still want to buy new ones.

Say Bye to Disposables

Make the new year a "green" one at home by stopping using single-use disposables such as plastic straws, styrofoam, plastic containers, coffee cups, coffee pods, plastic water bottles, throwaway snack bags, and plastic checkout bags. Well, the list never ends! So add more if you could.

Our mother Earth could greatly benefit from what you can do!

Recycle, but Recycle Right

Everyone is talking about recycling these days. But many of us do not recycle in the right way. Thus, before you recycle any item, make sure you’re recycling properly in order to avoid wish-cycling and contamination of recyclables which even make it worse in the end.

Green clean

Use natural and non-toxic cleaning products to clean your house. With white vinegar, baking soda, and a few drops of lemon, you can clean almost anything.

Cut back on paper towels.

It's time to change if you frequently use paper towels for cleaning up spills, cleansing the restroom, and keeping your hands clean while eating. Instead, spend some money on some cotton towels and fabric napkins, then toss them in the washer with your other clothes. The cloth substitutes are equally simple to use as the paper counterparts, and you only need to purchase them once. Do you know that by doing this, you can contribute to reducing the 13 billion pounds of paper towels that are disposed of in landfills every day (Source: Ocean Conservancy)?

Use a bike for short trips.

Even an eco-slacker can use a bike for short trips that don't require hauling heavy loads, like getting milk at the grocery store, your morning yoga class, or brunch with friends at the coffee shop. It takes some commitment to permanently give up a car in favor of a bike, though. You may drastically reduce your carbon footprint, save money on petrol and car maintenance, and improve your level of fitness by riding your bike for shorter journeys than two miles.

It should never be too hard for us to ride a bike!





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Read on and enjoy!


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