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How to promote Circular Economy in your organization?

Circular economy is no longer a new concept, but rather a way that companies have to go forward.

Thus the question is rather Why but How?

How could you promote Circular Economy in your organization?

How to get people in your organization know about Circular Economy.

Follow these steps to get your Circular Economy idea off the ground

Step 1: Introduction to Circular Economy

One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone in your organization knows about Circular Economy. Some of them might not event heard of the concept before. That is why this first move is very important to make sure everyone on the same page before you start pitching about your idea.

Note: Recycle more which has been around for half of century but only 14% of trash are collected for recycling and only 2% of them processing in a closed loop

Worth mentioning here is the different between Circular Economy and Linear Economy and Recycling Economy.

Step 2: Draw the Circular Economy idea for your organization

There is no One-Size-Fit-All Circular Economy model.

Each organization/business will need to come up with their own way to embed Circular Economy into their organization, which require you to have deep understanding of your organizational context including within and outside organization.

Hereunder is some priorities for different department/position within an organization.

Strategy/ Senior management

Operations/ Procurement

R&D / Innovation




Disruption potential



Cost saving

Cost reduction

Waste avoidance

Availability of raw material


New products & service opportunities

Product to service

Packaging commitment


Addressing customers' needs & problems

Maintain & reflecting brand purpose and position

Attracting & retaining customers

Unique communicating story

As much as you can learn from other examples or benchmark your organization against others, you need to adapt it to fit for your organization needs/ capabilities.

Step 3: Write your pitch

The finally step for your pitch is getting people, especially leaders in your organization to buy-in your idea. Here are some tips you can practice on.

  • Keep a clear structure and simple so other people can understand. It will mean nothing if your have an beautiful idea, but nobody understand or support it.

  • Always keep asking questions and feedbacks. Circular Economy model demand the cooperation between different departments. Thus, you need to get insights from them to better sharpen your initiative. Furthermore, it is very common that non-CE expert could have amazing CE idea.





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